RIM Updates BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal to v2.0

Posted on 14. Apr, 2010 by in BlackBerry

RIM sent out an email to all BlackBerry App World vendors this morning stating that they have upgraded the vendor portal to version 2.0.  There are some decent changes, and also some good gestures from RIM with the launch of the new portal.

1)      New Vendor Credit System – the new Vendor Portal simplifies management of vendor credits allowing developers to easily view how many credits are remaining in their account, purchase new credits at any time, and see the full credit history.  As a reward to our current vendors, we are resetting all vendor credit accounts to the full 10 vendor credits as of today.

2)      Change Request Management – vendors can quickly view the status on change requests made for their applications.  Change requests include distribution changes, name changes, additional releases, and many other examples.  The new change request management system also provides developers with more information about the status of their application through the approval process.

3)      Enhanced Application Language Management – localization is a critical part of providing your application to the worldwide BlackBerry community.  Using the new portal, developers can localize their application to all languages available on BlackBerry and not just the languages supported within the App World client itself.  The portal has also been enhanced to allow developers to provide specific language cod files onto the regions and countries where that makes sense minimizing the size of your overall application.

All of these changes are welcomed by vendors, even though the end users won’t notice a difference at all.  Resetting vendor credits back to 10 was a nice thing to do on RIM’s part as well. Vendors have to pay good money for those credits, so let’s all hope that developers take the extra credits and put them to great use with some new apps.  Access the new vendor portal at https://appworld.blackberry.com/isvportal/

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