RIM Updates BlackBerry Developer Tools, SDKs, and Plug-Ins

Posted on 06. Apr, 2010 by in BlackBerry

RIM has listened to the development community, that is the main message they are wanting to get across with the release of the latest versions of their BlackBerry Java Plug-In for Eclipse v1.1, BlackBerry Web Plug-In v2.0, BlackBerry Java SDK v5.0, and BlackBerry Widget SDK v1.0.  There were a few highlights pointed out the BlackBerry Developer Blog:

1) Hot Swap Simulator – one of the most exciting features in both sets of tools is the new hot swap capability. Using the new simulators provided in the BlackBerry Java SDK v5.0 you no longer need to reset your simulator every time you update your application, which helps makes it faster and easier to write your applications.

2) Widget and Web Development Tools Together – with the new Web Development tools we are bringing together the BlackBerry Widget and BlackBerry Web development tools into one plug-in so that developers can easily get started using one set of common tools. This should make it easier for web developers to experiment with BlackBerry Widgets and to discover the power and capabilities of that development model.

3) BlackBerry Java Plug-In v1.1 for Eclipse – Our first release of the Java plug-in for Eclipse provided an Eclipse working model for how the BlackBerry JDE handled projects, source files and other attributes. We learned from you – the BlackBerry development community – that our Eclipse plug-in needed to better fit into the current Eclipse working model and we are happy to deliver this functionality with our BlackBerry Java Plug-In v1.1 for Eclipse release. This will make it easier for existing Eclipse developers to get started building BlackBerry applications and make use of the plug-in even more intuitive than before.

4) BlackBerry Java SDK v5.0 goes Gold – after months in beta, our BlackBerry Java SDK v5.0 has gone live bringing all of the 5.0 APIs and capabilities of this new platform to the broad developer community. We have created hundreds of new APIs from UI to Location and almost everything in-between to make it that much easier for developers to create “Super Apps” on the BlackBerry platform.

You can read more about what is included in the updates from the official press release which also includes links to download the latest updates.

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  1. Kyle

    06. Apr, 2010

    this is awesome, cant wait to get it installed and start working!