Verizon Says “The Journey Begins Monday”-Announcement To Be Made?

Posted on 09. Apr, 2010 by in Rumors

Well for all of us who are waiting for Verizon to make an announcement regarding their upcoming devices, the wait will end Monday.  Verizon has sent out this email to employees stating that “The Journey Begins Monday.”  What exactly this means and what phone or phones will be announced is still up in the air.  Let’s all hope the Incredible and Bold 9650 come to light….officially.  I only suggest an announcement will be made due to the “It’s time to share” statement above.  I hope that means they are going to share with the general public and not just with Verizon employees.  Get your popcorn ready Sunday night!

Thanks Big Perm!

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3 Responses to “Verizon Says “The Journey Begins Monday”-Announcement To Be Made?”

  1. Chris

    09. Apr, 2010

    “Get social.”

    Sounds like it will be those project Pink devices from MSFT first.


  2. Gregg

    09. Apr, 2010

    No matter what, and when this thing goes viral in a couple of minutes, you definitely had it first.

  3. @AlexanderJC

    10. Apr, 2010

    Blehhh. I’m hoping. Fingers crossed. This should have gone viral by now. :/ if it was the nexus one. Maybe? Here’s hoping!