Android Froyo 2.2 Shown Off Running Flash

Posted on 11. May, 2010 by in Tech News

Run and hide Steve Jobs, Flash mobile is here to stay. If this video is any indication of what Adobe has in store for their Flash mobile platform, members of Adobe’s Open Handset Alliance are in a prime position to bring in a lot more consumers. Android and BlackBerry will be the biggest benefactors here in my opinion: Android because of the sheer number of devices and more importantly tablets that will be coming out soon, and BlackBerry because lets face it, who isn’t dying for a better web experience already on their Berry. As a developer this is also huge. Cross platform development just got a whole lot better now that we know how the performance of Flash will be. Normally people think of Flash applications as being free, but now with Flash mobile being supported by the OS, developers will have the ability to package the same Flash application into both Android and BlackBerry native applications with the same application code. Sure, working with the specific platforms implementation of Flash mobile will be different but the application will be the same. Game changing.

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One Response to “Android Froyo 2.2 Shown Off Running Flash”

  1. Carol

    12. May, 2010

    Even the adobe rep sounds surprised that it’s running successfully on a cell phone.