AT&T will offer iPhone insurance, for a hefty price

Posted on 28. May, 2010 by in Tech News

BGR just got their hands on an internal AT&T document that shows they will be offering iPhone insurance in the near future.  The plan is set to run $13.99 per month paid through the App Store, with some hefty deductibles if anything should happen to your precious.  Have a 32GB 3GS you can expect to pay $199 to get it replaced.  What do you guys think?  You willing to shell out $14 a month to cover your iPhone?  Seems a bit steep to us.  Then again we aren’t a member of the cult that is iPhone ownership.  So you tell us, worth it or not?

Via: BGR (extra shot with more details there)

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3 Responses to “AT&T will offer iPhone insurance, for a hefty price”

  1. billy

    28. May, 2010

    HEll No! I have had my iphone for over a year now. I have it in a silicon case, I have dropped it around 60 times it still works like a dream.

  2. brian

    28. May, 2010

    This is why I will stay with Blackberry. First of all that built in battery will not last for ever. And 14 a month just shows how dumb iphone users were to even buy them to begin with, and they’ll be dumb enough to pay for it too. Maybe this is why apple has so much $…

  3. Steve

    29. May, 2010

    I have the original 4 GB Iphone, my wife has one also. They’re slow, they cost $499 with $20 / month data fee. I’m still waiting for the the batteries to crash. My wife has found numerous ways to drop hers and both show signs of not defying gravity. I hate being married to the Itunes link and if I were to be buying a smartphone again, I would like to check out the Android 2.2 devices as well as flesh out the facts about the 4th Gen Iphone. This reminds of the Betamax vs the VHS video format wars. Who won, we did! For a fairly decent period of time. When insurance is being offered, it seems that its a losing battle for the consumer and a stopgap profit position for the insurer. Credit default swap?