BerryBuzz For BlackBerry Updated To v3.0.66

Posted on 28. May, 2010 by in BlackBerry

BellShare has released an update to the popular application BerryBuzz.  The update is a maintenance release that provides a few fixes as well as additional support for more apps.

Notes on update:

- Added support for YouMail Visual Voicemail
- Added support for Tweetissimo
- Added support for crunchSMS
- Improved contact matching for incoming calls (fixes LED not working for contacts)
- Fixed SocialScope support
- Fixed clearing of IM+ notifications
- ‘Clear messages on first key activity’ now applies to messages, not only e-mail/SMS
- Fixed activation not working via direct TCP/IP
- Fixed custom profiles being deleted on BerryBuzz deinstallation (OS 5.0 only)

There is a free trial of BerryBuzz in the BerryScoop Store or you can purchase it today with our coupon code BScoopOpen to get 20% off.  Remember that coupon code is good for any application in the BerryScoop Store, not just BerryBuzz.    Head on over to the BerryScoop store now!

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