Extra SKU’s On Incredible Charger For Yet To Be Announced Devices?

Posted on 09. May, 2010 by in Rumors

I was just tipped off by a friend to some weird SKU’s on his USB cable and charger which he received with the Incredible.  At first glance nothing looks out of place at all, but look at the model numbers.  Three of those numbers are not currently assigned to any publicly known handsets, ADR6300VW is assigned to the Incredible.  I was able to confirm with a source at Verizon that the SKU’s are not in their inventory system at this time.  What could these model numbers be?  Perhaps the EVO and a color variation of the Incredible?  No one really knows at this point.  We will keep checking with our sources for these SKU’s to pop up, until then if you discover anything please feel free to hit up our tip line.

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One Response to “Extra SKU’s On Incredible Charger For Yet To Be Announced Devices?”

  1. Asante

    09. May, 2010

    I’ve heard a little something about a race car red incredible coming out. You know the color of the incredible when you pull off the back and put in the battery.