Google Makes Android 2.2 Official, Also Announces Google TV

Posted on 20. May, 2010 by in Tech News

We told you where to watch the Google I/O day 2 keynote earlier, and we hope you tuned in.  We sure did.  One thing Google did today was set the bar for all over mobile platforms, and they set it pretty high.  Over the air streaming of your iTunes music, install apps that are purchased on the web OTA without touching the handset, their version of push technology, “fastest” browser on mobile platform, wireless hotspots, application back up API, Flash support, more enterprise/exchange API’s, Google TV which will run android apps…on and on and on.  We weren’t at the conference so our hands on is limited to, well, nothing.  Instead I searched through some of the hands on reports of Android 2.2 that went up right after it was announced and I am going to refer you guys over to the hands on from Engadget.  They have covered a ton of stuff via pictures and videos.  Make sure to head over to their hands on, and read through/watch it all.  Please come back and comment to let us know your thoughts, if you watched the keynote yourself, feel free to tell us what your thoughts were. Brief 3 minute video of Android 2.2 direct from below.

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