iPod Touch With 2.0MP Camera Shown Off In Vietnam

Posted on 19. May, 2010 by in Tech News

Apple, what happened to the shroud of secrecy you once used to hold so tightly?  It is gone, and we can only thank blame Vietnam for it.  Today a video as well as a plethora of pictures has been leaked of an iPod Touch with a 2MP camera.  No clue whether or not this is a prototype for the next generation of iPod Touch or if it is from the older prototypes that had leaked awhile back, the same prototypes that never made it to full on production.  A full video below showing off the camera in working order via a diagnostics OS.

Via: BGR Via: Tinhte.vn

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One Response to “iPod Touch With 2.0MP Camera Shown Off In Vietnam”

  1. Luis

    20. May, 2010

    This is fake //////take a look at the back of both itouch phones and you can see that apple serial has been polish probaly to add another dvt logo to make people believe it’s an apple prototype to make up for the mistake that the other iphone video had 16G instead of the Prototype. Let me tell you i have a close source who works for MFlex who supplies all the parts and assembly before being brought back to the US to program and there’s no way it can leak out the only phone that saw light has been recover by apple.