Microsoft KIN ONE and TWO Hands On

Posted on 10. May, 2010 by in Product Reviews

We just received both a KIN ONE and KIN TWO to go over and review in the coming weeks.  Below are pictures of a semi unboxing attempt on my part.  First impressions of the OS is.. confusing.  That is to be expected the first time you see and use a new OS though.  I will be reviewing the KIN TWO and Kyle (an avid Microsoft/Zune user) will be reviewing the KIN ONE.  Until review time, we will be getting our KIN on.

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6 Responses to “Microsoft KIN ONE and TWO Hands On”

  1. Sandra Ainsworth

    10. May, 2010

    I’d like you to try the following things on Kin, as my experience is that these functions don’t work.

    On Twitter, try to send a direct message off Kin, or retweet, or upload a photo or video to Twitter. Kin falls over.

    Go to YouTube and watch any video. It doesn’t work.

    Watch your Facebook and MySpace messages only update every 15 minutes or sometimes even slower. You can’t make Kin move any faster with social messaging.

    Try to Instant Message. IM is something Kin can’t do.

    Try to find a calendar. There is none.

    Try to sync your contacts with a non-Microsoft account, like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. It won’t cooperate with anything that is not a Microsoft service.

    Jave ME apps, predictive text, text correction, are all functions that the cheapest ‘feature phones’ have, but Kin doesn’t.

    The thing is, Kin is hopeless for social messaging, with Twitter only semi-functional, and those 15 minute delays. It is unusable for its stated purpose, and yet the handset can do nothing else.

    I’d recommend buying a cheap feature phone instead, as it will have more functionality, and be more customizable than the dreadful Microsoft Kin is.

    • Jason Cipriani

      10. May, 2010

      Do you work for Apple?

    • sagar

      11. May, 2010

      You can mention 100 of things in a phone which it does not do which others can. Any phone you take you can do that. I dont think KIN is intended to rival any phone and its been targeted to a market and clearly address the needs of that market . Just see the number of FaceBook fans for KIN , you will realise what you are telling is out of context.
      Dont tell me all those people are fools. When you compare a phone with another one price also should be mentioned. KIN is far cheaper than many smartphones, so the whole comparison you make itself is in question ? You are comparing an apple with an orange. Personally I feel KIN lacks so many features, but

      1) I think it has created a new trend , Its an undisputed fact.

      2) No phone in the market is so closely integrated with Social networking sites like the KIN. It does have a fresh approch , which is completely different from others.

      3) No phone has something like a KIN Spot or KIN Studio.

      I see the so called self elevated tech gurus in internet who
      criticise whatever Microsoft does. But these junkies dont show any alternative either. In the 90′s they predicted the complete wipe out of windows from the world which fell almost flat and world lives in windows even after 15 years. They are hell bent to show thier technical expertise by throwing mud over Microsoft technologies, criticism should be constructive, it should not be down just for making a criticism..

  2. Steven Koh

    11. May, 2010

    I personally still believe that as of now, the iPhone is unparalleled in terms of functionality and speed. Not to mention the fact that it is stylish. While there may be problems such as the battery life, if you use it as a phone and something to send/receive emails and manage your lifestyle, it should not be a problem.

    I used an HTC Touch Pro before I bought my iPhone, and that thing, regardless of reviews, was a slow and cumbersome phone. It took forever to get anything open, and the phone lagged while I used the interface. The only thing that I trusted it to do was be a mobile storage device like a USB, and let me view powerpoints and word documents.

    The Microsoft Kin brings nothing new to the table that other, better, smartphones can do easily.

    • Jason Cipriani

      11. May, 2010

      I think where everyone go their hopes up was that the KIN was going to be a answer to smartphones, and that it is not. The KIN is clearly directed and marketed for young teenagers. All of the assertions through comments have been correct so far, there are a ton of features lacking, but at the end of the day these phones are for those of us who want those features. They are for the teenager that wants to snap 1000 pics a day and put them all on facebook.

  3. Todd

    20. May, 2010

    Thanks for the unboxing and great coverage of the KIN so far! I just wanted to stop by and let you and your readers know that you can go to to learn more about the KIN and follow along with ‘The Journey’ on our Facebook page to see the KIN in action. Feel free to send any questions you might have about the KIN my way, I would be more than happy to help.



    Kin Outreach Team