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This may not be a normal post about the latest and greatest phone or app but it is something that could be very useful to many of you. T-Mobile is announcing a new line of micro USB chargers for your phones. While that may not sound too exciting, it is cool that each charger comes with an extra USB port that will allow you to charge any other USB device that you have which certainly makes it easier to travel with only one charger. They are also promising “at least 20% faster and up to 50% faster” charge times depending on the phone. They are slated to release in retail stores on the 19th of July. Save up that money for the super cool charger!

T-Mobile Micro USB Chargers are designed to provide customers with a convenient, fast-charging
solution, while helping to reduce the number of cords needed for charging other electronic devices.
Chargers include the Micro USB Car Charger, Micro USB 2 in 1 Wall Charger and the Micro USB Wall
Charger. Each of these chargers are:

Fast and Energy Efficient: All three Micro USB Chargers provide customers with a faster
charge time – charging phones at least 20% faster and up to 50% faster than standard chargers
(depending on the phone). The chargers also feature a high-efficiency LED, which activates
when the charger is plugged into a power source, reminding customers that the charger is still in
use – providing a visual prompt to unplug chargers when not in use. The Micro USB Wall
Charger and Micro USB 2 in 1 charger have a Level 5 Energy Star rating – the highest rating for
consumer electronics.

Convenient: The Micro USB Chargers feature an extra USB port, allowing customers to
charge other electronic devices using the same charger, such as an MP3 player, Bluetooth
headset or digital camera. Having one charger compatible with many electronic devices
eliminates the need for additional cords and equipment when traveling.

Neat and Tidy: The Micro USB Chargers provide users with a neat and tidy cord management
solution. All Micro USB Chargers have a channel that allows the cord to be wound around and
contained with a small clip while not in use. In addition to keeping things neat, the design helps
preserve the life of the charger, by reducing the stress on the charger cord.
T-Mobile is working to standardize Micro USB Chargers across its handset line-up in support of a
broader industry initiative lead by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).
Moving to universal chargers is just one example of T-Mobile’s efforts to reduce the environmental
impact of its products and services. For more information about T-Mobile’s eco-friendly efforts visit:

Key Features and Availability:
Micro USB Chargers are available to purchase online and in select T-Mobile stores, and will be
available in retail stores nationwide July 19. More details are available at

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