New Twitter Application For iPhone: Tweetaholic

Posted on 18. May, 2010 by in Product Reviews

There are a ton of different applications in the App Store, most of them are centered around social services such as Twitter.  Available today in the App Store for iPhone/iPod is a new Twitter app called Tweetaholic.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on the application before release and have to say it is a well put together Twitter application. Carlos The Bird, as seen above, is the main theme of the application appearing on just about every screen.  Even falling off of the giant T that is presented on the main screen after drinking a little too much.  Besides the normal features that you come to expect in Twitter applications (media, location, etc.) there is a feature I have longed for in any type of Twitter application whether it be Android, BlackBerry, or desktop.  That feature is the ability to blacklist a specific word or even a specific user.

As you can see I am not a fan of the dealsplus tweets.  As long as they are added to my blacklist I will not see any of the RT’s that my followers send out in the masses.  There is also Facebook integration allowing you to post a tweet in your timeline directly to your Facebook profile with comments.  The main screen navigation uses a carousel to switch between your timeline, mentions, DM’s, search, trending topics, and lists.  Again a different approach that works nicely.

As I told Swagg Certified, the apps Project Leader, the best part of Tweetaholic is the fact that it is such a solid first release.  Most first releases of applications are rush by developers to get them on market with plans to make the needed improvements in future upgrades.  Although there are changes planned for Tweetaholic in the future it is refreshing to see the patience put into the first build, making it a usable app from day one.  In the future there will be themes which will be available for free or for a small fee, as well as some hidden gems. You can get Tweetaholic in the App Store for only $0.99 right now.

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2 Responses to “New Twitter Application For iPhone: Tweetaholic”

  1. sooks

    18. May, 2010

    its not showing up for me in the app store :(

    • Jason Cipriani

      18. May, 2010

      follow the link at the bottom of the post, it came up for me that way but not by searching in iTunes