Nexus One Already Getting Android 2.2 Update

Posted on 22. May, 2010 by in Tech News

Whoa!  Who could say they say this one coming?  Late last night TechCrunch’s MG Siegler went to plug in his Nexus One on the charger and what do you know, he had a system update alert.  Yes, THAT system update.  He was pleased to see that Google has started rolling out Android 2.2.  No word on how fast the roll out is going or how many people have received it already.  Nexus One owners rejoice!  After you are done jumping up and down please leave a comment below if you have received it and your thoughts on it.  If you haven’t received it, be patient.  Remember, Google told us that it would start rolling it out in a few weeksHead on over to TechCrunch to see more pictures and read the rest of the story.

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3 Responses to “Nexus One Already Getting Android 2.2 Update”

  1. t00t

    22. May, 2010

    dunno about you guys, but on my nexus one the firmware and baseband info are a grey colour, compared to the system tutorial’s white colour.

    looks like he’s just photoshoped a pic and displayed it on the phone.

    If so, he’s a dick.

    • Jason Cipriani

      22. May, 2010

      As many people have received the update now, its legit

  2. Jayson

    22. May, 2010

    I am in Utah and no sign of an update on my N1 just yet…

    Patiently waiting tho