Quick Review: WebMD for iPad

Posted on 28. May, 2010 by in Product Reviews

We are always wanting to bring more news and reviews to you guys.  Part of that will involve bringing in some guest writers from time to time.  Today we bring an iPad app review by @TheCoolestGeek.  Enjoy!

Every morning I grab my iPad to check what new news is up on my favorite sites, like the one you’re reading now. After reading a few posts I also always check the App Store to look for  the next app that might lure me into a download. Today WebMD (iTunes link), which is free,  is that app. Now I am by no means a sickly person and the symptoms I normally experience are those that come around 8am after a long night of partying but, I downloaded WebMD anyway. WebMD is only 4.4MB, so it downloaded over my home Wi-Fi in no time and boom, I launched it. One thing you will notice is the clean UI, which looks good on the iPad screen real estate and adds more value to the iPad experience.

First you’ll be greeted with a blue sky and a landscape of green grass (very Windows XP if you ask me LOL). There are five main areas or functions to access: Symptom Checker, Conditions, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings. Click on, I mean… press Symptom Checker and you’ll have an interactive mannequin waiting for your touch (go ahead you can touch it). Depending on which body part you press, a window of options and related symptoms will appear. You can easily navigate back to the main screen by pressing the home button in the app located at the top right corner. The rest of the app functions as you’d expect it. You press Conditions and you’ll have a seemingly endless list of conditions and related information on them. Drugs and Treatments section gives you a roll of more drugs than even your local street pharmacist knows about with details on “Proper” use, side effects, precautions etc. My personal favorite is the Local Health Listings function. This function accesses the Google Maps API and allows for location based searches of local physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies. With this feature I was able to finally find a 24hr Walgreens near me. If you don’t understand the convenience of a 24hrs Walgreens… you better ask somebody. Long story short, this app might not have immediate value for you but, I can see this coming in handy one day, hopefully not anytime soon though.

P.S. I wrote this while listening to Vampire Weekends’s “A-Punk”. Just thought you should know.

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