RIM Tablet Said To Be A “Companion” Device?

Posted on 13. May, 2010 by in BlackBerry

BGR just posted a story that they state has been confirmed via multiple sources stating that the RIM tablet is set to be strictly a “companion” device.  Remember the Palm Foleo that they announced and never released?  Yea, that kind of device.  The report goes on to state that the device will not have a cellular radio at all, left for it to rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.  Which isn’t that different from what Apple offers on one model of their extremely popular iPad, then again they also offer a 3G version.  The RIM tablet is set to center around only multimedia such as eBooks, web browsing, pictures.  Again, same thing offered up by the iPad…well that and a couple hundred thousand applications (more of which are being optimized for the iPad daily).

RIM if you are making a tablet, which I think it is safe to say you are, you need to do more than just play catch up with what is on the market.  You need to surpass it, blow us away with innovation.  Give us a tablet that has all of the things we have grown to love about BlackBerry yet reinvent yourselves at the same time.  This slow, often times mindless evolution path the company as whole is on does not make any sense.  Stay competitive.  Set the mark as you did for so many years, quit playing catchup.

I really hope that this rumor is just that, a rumor.  There are plenty of BlackBerry faithful out there RIM that are on the edge of their seats waiting for you to wow them.  WES let the majority of them down, BlackBerry 6 didn’t look all that impressive.  A step in the right direction, but again more of an evolution and not innovation.  Last, for the love of all that is RIM, I beg of you, do not put the same screen technology on it as the Storm series.

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4 Responses to “RIM Tablet Said To Be A “Companion” Device?”

  1. Kyle Fowler

    13. May, 2010

    well what if the tablet device could tether to your current blackberry via bluetooth and share?

    • Jason Cipriani

      13. May, 2010

      That would be great, if the platform/device wasn’t just an extension of my BlackBerry but a whole new experience.

  2. SScottAZ

    13. May, 2010

    Make sure to route all data through Canada to ensure it is as slow as a regular Blackberry in WIFI mode.

  3. RogersSucks

    19. May, 2010

    Rogers (Canada) will love this device so they can rip you off even more with their data plans.