Rogers says “NO” to Unlimited Data on the iPad 3G

Posted on 10. May, 2010 by in Tech News

If ¬†you’re planning to get “Unlimited Data” on your iPad 3G when it launches at the end of this month in Canada think again…it won’t happen! Not with Rogers anyway.. Once again, Robbers Rogers is putting a 5GB cap to their iPad Data Plan. Most of us will never get close to using 5GB/month of data and Rogers knows that…so why not just give us the “Unlimited”?

C’mon Rogers!! iPad launch will be big in Canada… don’t spoil it! Subscribers love the “Unlimited” option even though they will never really need it. In my honest opinion the difference is that when you know you have a cap, you will refrain from using your iPad, but when you have unlimited, you will use it and abuse it which we all want to do when getting a new toy.

We can also see that Rogers will be charging $5 more then AT&T…..*sigh*

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