Sprint sells Blackberry Bold 9650 Factory Unlocked

Posted on 22. May, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Tech News

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Sprint does it again! Not sure if most of you know but when Sprint released the Blackberry Tour 9630, it was locked to Sprint, then Sprint decided to give away the codes for free to their customers and then they finally decided to sell the Tour 9630 Factory unlocked out of the box. Now comes the new anticipated Blackberry Bold 9650 & this time Sprint doesn’t mess around…the Blackberry Bold 9650 is sold Factory Network Unlocked!

This mean you can walk in a Sprint store and buy the Bold 9650 at full retail and then insert your AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, Vodafone, etc… SIM card and use the phone on GSM. You will need to go to Options/Mobile Network and change Technology to GSM/UMTS and select 2G. Keep in mind that you will only be able to use EDGE in North America and 3G Worldwide with providers that support the HSDPA 2100 frequency. If you’re a current Sprint customer and decide to take a little trip out of the USA, you don’t need to roam, you can simply buy a local prepaid SIM and use it with your Blackberry Bold 9650.

We’re also being told that Verizon will not be following in Sprint’s footsteps, and that they will be selling the Bold 9650 locked, but we all know that it can easily be unlocked :)

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One Response to “Sprint sells Blackberry Bold 9650 Factory Unlocked”

  1. Y

    17. Jun, 2010

    Hey, that’s really a good news atleast for me! I was really looking fwd to buy this awesome phone. Please let me know where exactly I will be able to buy this phone and for how much?