Video: BlackBerry 9670 Flaunting BlackBerry 6

Posted on 08. May, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Tech News

Ah the Clamshell! Actually since the first blurrycam pictures emerged of the clamshell each new time leaked pictures come out it looks better and better. Not to say that it still is kind of unsightly but its far from the ugly duckling it started as. CellGuru just posted this lengthy hands on video of OS6 for non-touch devices and the tipster gives a solid run through of all the important screens. It looks like mostly artistic upgrades aside from the media apps, with more visually pleasing icons, list items in the options screens and kinetic scrolling but who knows how old this build is. As much as it is nice to see the OS running on a non-touch device, I’d really like to see it on a touch, since lets face it, its going to be a very similar experience as OS5 with a trackpad. With all of these videos popping up, maybe we wont have to wait too long for that either. Enjoy!

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