Vonage Mobile App for Blackberry Review

Posted on 30. May, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Product Reviews, Tech News

This is one of these apps that you get and say “Damn….why didn’t I get it before!”. Vonage Mobile for Blackberry has been out for over 6 months already and to be honest, I had never looked into it. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of VOIP is carrier limitation. Well yesterday after reading Jason’s post about Skype’s update enabling you to place calls over 3G, I decided to do some research for available VOIP apps for the Blackberry and stumbled across Vonage Mobile for Blackberry.

Download was simple..just had to enter my mobile number on their site and Vonage sent me an SMS with the OTA download link. Once the app installs, you can create an account directly from your Blackberry. Vonage currently offers 2 rate plans, Pay per use or Unlimited International Calls at $24.99/month to over 60 countries. If you already have a Vonage home service, you qualify for a $10/month discount so you would actually be getting Unlimited International calls from your cellphone for $14.99/month.

What I really love about this app is that you don’t need to go into the app to place a call. Once the app installed any time you dial a long-distance number from your Blackberry, it will automatically run it through the Vonage Mobile service. What’s also great is that the calls are not placed using data but using your cellphone plan so no weird robot like voices. The device actually calls the Vonage Gateway number which then reroutes your call. You can also add the Vonage Gateway number to your AT&T A-List so all calls that are handled by Vonage won’t eat up your minutes.

No matter where you are in the U.S., if you have cellular service, you can use Vonage Mobile for cellular international calling.

To get Vonage Mobile App for your Blackberry visit VonageMobile.com

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  1. Conrad

    26. Jun, 2010


    I have used vonage mobile for last 3 months on my T mobile blackberry. Worked okay the first month. In the second month I was charged $100 by my cellcarrier for “international calls” that happened due to faiure of vonage software, as confirmed by vongare representative. They said they had informed the customers via email which i never received. This happened again in the third month !! I am being charged a hefty amount by the cell carrier for international calls. since the last event, I have made sure that I hear the vonage tune and see the yellow screen every time I make international calls….but still I am paying on two ends and being ripped off by vonage for providing essentially NO SERVICE !

    One of my colleagues also had similar experience. I would strongly advise considering other company, unless you wish to have a “not funny” experience above, and that too repetitively !!