Contest: 1 of 100 Free Unlock Codes for your Blackberry

Posted on 08. Jun, 2010 by in BlackBerry

We want to get this week started off right for everyone, so what better way to do that then have a contest. is giving away to BerryScoop readers a chance to win 1 of 100 BlackBerry Unlock Codes for any GSM Blackberry regardless of the provider the phone is locked to. To enter the contest just drop a comment on this post, letting us know why you want your Blackberry unlocked and we’ll pick out 100 winners to get 1 free unlock code for your BlackBerry. If you can’t wait for the contest to end or don’t get lucky, you can order an unlock code from and use coupon code “berryscoop50” at checkout and enjoy your BerryScoop 50% Special Discount!

Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST – please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count.

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23 Responses to “Contest: 1 of 100 Free Unlock Codes for your Blackberry”

  1. Freddy Martinez

    08. Jun, 2010

    Me :-P

  2. Nick

    08. Jun, 2010

    I’d love a free unlock code.

  3. ZeckFR

    08. Jun, 2010

    Sure i wanna have one for my BB 8520 Curve

  4. Desmond

    08. Jun, 2010

    I liked to have my Bold 9700 unlocked.

  5. @matthiasj50

    08. Jun, 2010

    ME ME ME!! I want my 9700 unlocked just because :p

  6. sue

    08. Jun, 2010

    Is this too good to be true?


    09. Jun, 2010

    My broke butt needs these to stay in touch with my family!

  8. BB8310

    09. Jun, 2010

    I wanttt!! Yess..


  9. avery w

    09. Jun, 2010

    Pick me, I want my bold unlocked for going to europe

  10. morrison stepp

    09. Jun, 2010

    I would love an unlock code for my Storm 2

  11. Ray Nicolini

    09. Jun, 2010

    I would love an unlock code for my bb 9700

    thank you

  12. SnowAngelGirl55

    09. Jun, 2010

    I want to win one!

  13. Harry

    10. Jun, 2010

    thanks please pick me thanks keep up the good work..i would like to get CODE

  14. Arteekay

    11. Jun, 2010

    Would love an unlock code!

  15. Dan

    11. Jun, 2010

    Just got my first blackberry and would love to get it unlocked

  16. Bill

    11. Jun, 2010

    What a great contest. I would love to win a code. Thanks.

  17. Julia

    11. Jun, 2010

    I’d like to unlock mine

  18. Vanslee

    11. Jun, 2010

    Count me in!

  19. mmmm

    11. Jun, 2010

    Im going to London for a semester abroad soon. Id love this

  20. cherry_juice

    11. Jun, 2010

    Pleeeeeeeaaaase and THANK YOU!!

  21. sharon

    15. Jun, 2010

    This would be great

  22. Eric Maina Kamau

    24. Jun, 2010

    id like to have my 9700 unlocked. because sometimes the network coverage is dreadfull and i need to swap out the sim.

  23. Bill

    25. Jun, 2010

    Did anybody win?