My 5 favorite BlackBerry apps, by Jason

Posted on 06. Jun, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Rumors

We all love our devices as they come from the factory, for the most part at least.  Let’s be honest here though, if we didn’t have additional apps to use on our BlackBerry, we wouldn’t use it as much.  There is debate about the type and quality of apps for BlackBerry but this isn’t the time or the place for it.  Over the next few weeks all of us here at BerryScoop will be offering up our top 5 applications that you can find in our BerryScoop Store.  Here are mine.

BerryBuzz- I love the flexibility it gives me with setting different LED colored alerts per application or contact.  I have BBM set up as blue, texts as yellow, and so on.  I can tell at a glance what type of message is waiting for me, and depending on the contact who that message is from.  This is by far my #1 application, something I wish the device did out of the box.  Instead, the great people at BellShare have made it for us.  A must have!

BerryWeather-  I am not a huge weather person, but it seems to be a popular topic here in Colorado.  The weather constantly changes and it is good to know and plan ahead accordingly.  The versatility and ease of use that BerryWeather provides is by far the best on the BlackBerry market.  My favorite feature is allowing the application to use GPS of my BlackBerry and tell me the weather where I am at.

Tether-  Do I really need to explain this one?  Being able to tether my BlackBerry to my laptop anywhere, without paying carrier fees.. priceless.   The $50 price tag for the app is two months of service from your provider.  Except, now you get to keep on tethering and don’t have to worry about more fees.  You cannot pass up the discount we are offering on all apps right now.

QuickLaunch-  This app has helped me move even quicker through my BlackBerry applications.  Set it to a convenience key and you’re off.  Simple, straight forward and increases productivity.

CropIt- This app does not get much attention, if any at all.  It is sort of like a guilty pleasure of mine.  CropIt will take a picture that you have stored on your BlackBerry and allow you to (you guessed it) crop it.  I use this all the time for screenshots I have taken on my phone that I want to cut some info out.  It is super cheap but super handy.  Get it. (Full disclosure.  This app was wrote by a member of our staff, Kyle Fowler.  He wrote it long before he thought about blogging, infact it helped him get his foot in the door with BerryScoop)

As I stated above we are offering 20% off all apps in our store right now.  Simply use coupon code BScoopOpen when you checkout and you will see the discount applied.  This is valid until June 18th, so take advantage fast!

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One Response to “My 5 favorite BlackBerry apps, by Jason”

  1. rezn

    09. Jun, 2010

    Jason, great app favorites!! I am curious about Cropit now though. And I am wondering if PhotoClub and MiniPaint already do this feature as well as CropIt. My list in far to hard for me to put into a top 5 though I always try to think of it. BerryWeather, QL and BerryBuzz are always on mine though. And Vlingo, Xobni, SmrtGuard, Fixmo Tools. Ha Ha see what I mean? Too many past 5 already.