Palm Pixi Plus now free on AT&T, for the most part

Posted on 09. Jun, 2010 by in Tech News


You can now pick up the Palm Pixi Plus for free on AT&T, with a 2 year contract and data plan. What is a bit odd, is that this price only pertains to the Pixi Plus with the blue battery door, not the black. The Pixi Plus with the black battery door will still cost you the original launch price of $50, with a 2-year agreement, which is quite frankly a little strange. It would be a good idea to just grab the blue back Pixi Plus for free, and pick up a battery door of your choosing straight from Palm for $19.99. Anyways, its great to see AT&T lowering the price to par with the rest of the Pixis out there. Check it out here.

[via, Engadget]

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