Quick Review: BerryBuzz alerts for Blackberry

Posted on 02. Jun, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Product Reviews

I’ve been using BerryBuzz for a couple of days now and all I can say is WOW! Let me tell you a little about my Blackberry before I get into the quick review of this app. I run multiple companies/projects so I have 5 email addresses coming in to my Blackberry plus obviously BBM and SMS. I use to be a big fan of audible alerts until one day a lady at the beach threatened to grab my Blackberry and throw it in the ocean if I didn’t put it on silent. On the spot I was like “Never”..but then realized that other people don’t need to be bothered and hear my Blackberry ringing/dinging every 5 minutes. So I decided to put my Blackberry on silent from then on.

What’s a Blackberry without notifications? Nothing! Just a regular phone. The whole purpose of having a Blackberry is to be able to be efficient in communicating as well as getting your emails/bbm/sms on the spot and to be notified. No point in PUSH if you don’t know it’s in. I’m not a big fan of vibration either. So, like most of you I was using the LED as an indicator. Every time the light would go on, I would pick up my Blackberry to see what had just came in. At first it’s fun..but after a while you get fed up. It got to a point that I would be watching a movie with my wife/kids and I would turn the Blackberry face down just so that I wouldn’t be bothered by that blinking red light. Seriously think about it…being bothered for an email that can wait..or a sms that says “What’s up”!  I felt like things were getting worse every day..was ready to break-up with my 9700 :(

So I decided to try BerryBuzz out hoping it would sort things out between us and it did! The UI is great and everything works the way it’s supposed to. Now I have different colors for my email addresses as well as BBM and SMS. When my Blackberry blinks RED..get out the way…It’s important! when it blinks BLUE…it’s important but can wait…YELLOW…let him wait lol! You get the picture. It also allows me to set the speed of the LED as well as make it stop after a while. You can also add vibration.

I’ve been using it for the past 3 days and my Battery life doesn’t seem to have been affected. Setting up is easy and once customized it does it’s magic. BerryBuzz is so confident of their product that they will offer you a 7-Day Free Trial.

The app goes for $5.95 but thanks to our store launch, you can get 20% Discount by using coupon BScoopOpen when checking out. Click Here to get BerryBuzz today!

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