Share Your BerryScoop Store Purchases With Blippy

Posted on 10. Jun, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Product Reviews, Tech News

The BerryScoop Store which is powered by MobiHand has partnered with Blippy, a new social-commerce site that lets customers link accounts at sites like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix so they can show their friends what they’re purchasing.  We’ve implemented (optional) account integration using the secure OAuth methods.  Which, for non-techies, means users can connect their MobiHand account without sharing their MobiHand username and password with Blippy.  The only information we share is the name and price of the apps they purchase – no other personal information is ever shared.  To get started, go to, signup, and connect to the BerryScoop Store (via MobiHand) from your accounts page.  If you’d like a preview, here are a few sample purchases from MobiHand-powered stores: .

Privacy concerns aren’t warranted as you only share the information you want with the people you want.  You can even sign up for an account just to see what others are buying, never sharing a single purchase.  Get signed up, purchase some apps for the BerryScoop Store and start sharing!

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