Updated: AT&T 3g Network Down in the Southeast … Again

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Update 2: According to some Twitter reports there has been two fiber optic lines cut somewhere causing outages in LA, AL, GA, FL and MS. This explains today’s outage, but what about the multiple other outages in the region this week?
UPDATE: Reports are that AT&T Customer Service Reps are stating the outages are due to extra strains on the network due to the BP oil spill clean up effort s…really AT&T?

For the second time in a week the AT&T’s 3g network is down in the southeast . Around 2 o’clock pm central standard time AT&T’s 3g network went down reportedly for the entire southeast area of the United States . While I’m not sure what the issue is, I know a lot of iPhone users on AT&T that would love to move over to Verizon . AT&T’s 3g network was also down in the same region this past sunday for the entire day. At the D8 conference Steve Jobs said the AT&T network would get worse before it gets better, is that what we are seeing now? If so hopefully the “better” part will be sooner than later.
Is AT&T data down in your area? If so let us know in the comments.
On a side note, I’m posting this from a VZW Incredible with four bars of 3g service, just saying.

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24 Responses to “Updated: AT&T 3g Network Down in the Southeast … Again”

  1. Daniel

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in Knoxville, TN…. android phones are looking better and better

    • Daniel

      11. Jun, 2010

      Maybe I should clarify – android phones on verizon are looking better lol

  2. john

    11. Jun, 2010

    wtf? this is really getting annoying! compensation, please! 50% off on the new iphone 4g

  3. jake

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in Raleigh, NC

    • TheLibertine

      11. Jun, 2010


  4. David

    11. Jun, 2010

    just drove from baton Rouge to lake Charles and it was down all the way tell i got to lake Charles. It was up for about an hour now it is down again. Never really have many problems with AT&T. Now that my cell phone is my everything phone this is really pissing me off. AT&T really need to get this crap fixed now. Don’t be like BP and get your butt in gear.

  5. Carl

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in Cedar Grove NC…oh wait, they don’t really cover me with 3g. I have to use a dual directional panel antenna with a cell repeater broadcasting to an after market antenna attached to my mercury card…yep, it’s that bad. Maybe I’ll attach it directly to my fridge and push that out onto the front lawn….trying now…

  6. Doug

    11. Jun, 2010

    I called an hour ago to report the outage, they wanted to start troubleshooting my phone and said there was no outage…lying sacks of crap they are!

  7. Jay

    11. Jun, 2010

    Everything is down in new orleans and baton rouge. and BP better help fix it.

  8. John

    11. Jun, 2010

    @ Carl.: I lol’d at that. Well done.

  9. Korey

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in Charlotte, NC

  10. Kip

    11. Jun, 2010

    3G back online in Chapel Hill, NC as of 9:47PM

  11. Kathi

    11. Jun, 2010

    Here in North Florida, my service was down Wednesday and again today. It’s back up now, but who knows about tomorrow.

  12. Deez

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in the Raleigh area for sure. I’ve been needing to check on my online business all day and it hasn’t worked. Had to revert back to Edge network by turning off 3G. Really annoying. I’m glad to see this post though because I was wondering if something happened to my phone or something.

  13. Jack

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in Columbia, SC. If I ran a business like AT&T ran 3G, well, I’d have no bankrupt.

  14. Russ

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down in Covington, LA. Glad it’s a secondary phone and not my primary.

  15. Granny

    11. Jun, 2010

    Down for me most if the day in Baton Rouge. Happened to be in the Apple Store to shop and asked about it. They said the network was down but checked my phone out anyway. Phone fine. Network not fine.

  16. Ryan

    11. Jun, 2010

    In New Orleans, mine has been out since I first tried to use it (11 a.m. central time) up until I’m typing this at 10 p.m. central time.

  17. noladave

    11. Jun, 2010

    down in New Orleans all day, came up for about 30 mintues around 8pm, then went right back down…. I heard that one spokeperson from At&T is blaming strain on the network from BP oil spill cleanup… More great PR news for BP!!!

    Also mentioned in the article was a fiber cut…


  18. mike

    12. Jun, 2010

    phone has been down for 2 days now. i run a business from my phone and i need it to work. every second it doesnt work cost’s me money. at&t has done a horrible job at taking care of me. you would think they would treat customers better, especially when they pay $170+ a month for service. horrible, nothing good to say about this company.

  19. Leisa Novosel

    12. Jun, 2010

    I Drove through Alabama to Atlanta last night. I still have no service. This sucks, I wonder if we’ll receive an adjustment on our bill

  20. Pat

    13. Jun, 2010

    3g down in Alpharetta, GA for about the 4th time this week. I am not happy about it however, this reminds me of why I like AT&T so much. Right now I am on EDGE and I have to hang up the phone in order to get my MMS and email. Is this how the rest of the carriers work?

  21. Paul

    13. Jun, 2010

    I called AT&T. They told me that it was out from Pitt to n.c. I live inn new Orleans and that isn’t anywhere between the two. The rep then told me from Pitt south. My girlfriend is in conn. She still has no internet. When I asked if they were gonna compensate me for a whole day lacking of my $30/month data plan, I got a response of, “it is supposed to be fixed tonight.” if this Jack ass was I front of me I would have hit him. I would have used the “mark the spot” app to repor. The outage but…no Internet.
    I wanted to call the local store because they are always helpful where asthenosphere tollfree number is not. Oh wait no Internet to use maps to get the number.
    Still I love my iPhone and AT&T service is not bad. First outage I have experience in the new Orleans area. During mardi GRAS I was stuck in extended but I am very happy with my phone service.
    Hey … It could be worse. Could have Sprint!!!! That is crap service

  22. Mike

    24. Jun, 2010

    3G has been down and up so many times in the last 2 weeks in Southeast Louisiana, that it isnt funny.
    Why in the hell cant they just upgrade their infastructure to where we do not get placed in the darn queue to use the internet.