Verizon Wireless out of Tour Replacement Stock, take a Bold instead

Posted on 18. Jun, 2010 by in BlackBerry

So yesterday I got tipped off  tipped off to this thread in the forums about a number of people getting a Bold 9650 replacement for Tour warranty issues. Then this morning I saw this post by Adam Zeis over at CrackBerry stating that he had confirmed it for himself. I recieved a warranty replacement (refurbished Tour) back in March and it’s been buggy since then, sketchy trackball, poor reception etc., so I decided I’d give Verizon Customer service a call and see what happened. After walking through the trouble shooting steps, and customer service asking me if there was a sticker with red x’s behind the battery (checking for water damage) the story pretty much goes the same as it did for Adam and the users in the forums. She told me she would send me a replacement device, then after a few minutes she said that they are out of replacement Tour devices and she would send me a Bold instead if that was ok with me. I, of course, said it was absolutely fine. She then also  gave me the option of a Bold with or without a camera, to which I choose the camera. My Bold 9650 will be at my office on Tuesday and I will have to return the Tour. So here’s to you Verizon Wireless, your customer support never ceases to amaze me.

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2 Responses to “Verizon Wireless out of Tour Replacement Stock, take a Bold instead”

  1. bob stienawitz

    19. Jun, 2010

    it is the new replacement my tour just broke and vzw is sending me a bold on monday

  2. DSmith

    06. Jul, 2010

    not for me. Just called and tried to do this and guess what…they are sending a refurbished Tour! bad intel!