Government says…. “Hey you can jailbreak your iPhone.”

Posted on 26. Jul, 2010 by in Apple, iPhone, Tech News

The United States government has officially ruled on in favor of “Jailbreaking” your iPhone thanks to the latest review of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Every three years the Library of Congress reexamines the DMCA for exemptions to secure that copy written properties can be used in a non-infringing way. The iPhone being one of most popular platforms today but, has also been highly criticized for it’s App Store approval process. Developers wanting to bypass Apple, subsequently created a gray market for applications not sanctioned by the Cupertino company.

Apple has argued in the past that jailbreaking your iPhone can hender one’s experience and render the phone unusable. Not to mention Apple views jailbreaking as a violation of the manufacture warranty and continues to inhibit the ability through software updates. On the other side the fence some believe competing alternatives to Apple’s App Store will give freedom to developers to reach users through multiple nuances. With the government having the final word on the legitimacy of modding your iPhone, only time will tell whether the vast majority of users will tap into other sources of app suppliers or just stick to what they know, which is Apple’s App Store.

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One Response to “Government says…. “Hey you can jailbreak your iPhone.””

  1. iPFL

    04. Aug, 2010

    What type of ‘Warranty’ is on the phone in the first place?

    If my phone breaks don’t I have to buy another one? Or is at&t saying they’ll fix it no charge because of the so called ‘Warranty’?