Defend your iPhone 4 with the OtterBox Defender Series

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I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about a week now and I have been paranoid of dropping it since it was handed to me in the AT&T store. Today I can breathe easy because I just received the OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4. We have reviewed OtterBox cases in the past and it never ceases to amaze me how well these cases are made. In fact the the Defender Series for the BlackBerry Tour earned so much of my confidence that I posted a video of me giving it a toss with the device camera rolling. I will not be doing that with my iPhone 4 (yet), but only because I have not had enough hands on time with this case, not because it wouldn’t hold up.

At first look the case is typical of all OtterBox Defender series, in that it’s got a high impact polycarbonate shell and screen protector with an impact absorbing silicone cover that wraps around the shell.  The inside of the case has a felt backing to protect your glorious glass “scratch resistant” back while it’s in the case. (Mine already has scratches on it from my keys.), and also sports port-holes for the Apple logo, camera, flash as well as the front facing camera with clear plastic protection all around.

The Silicone cover as well as the shell have all of the needed openings for the volume buttons, mics, headphone jacks etc. The cover seals with a creative lip that goes around all of the edge of the shell and around the openings for the sync cable on the bottom of the phone and make a very tight seal for the case.

With the phone in the case it’s not too bulky and I could still slide it in and out of my pocket with little effort, though it may pick up some lent along the way. If you do not want to pocket your device a holster is included, but it is quite large when on your belt. A better use for the include holster is the fact that the clip can be held open and used as a desktop/bedside stand for your iPhone. Other than protecting you phone from drops and scratches, this is probably my favorite feature of the case.

Overall this case is great, it carries OtterBox’s tried and true reputation of protecting all types of devices without sacrificing the beauty that is Apple products. Also, in an OtterBox press release they note that:

The black OtterBox Defender Series case for the Apple iPhone 4 has been officially NAC tested to address the loss in signal strength. Test results indicate this case solves the antenna issue by acting as a dielectric between the two antennas of the device. No loss of signal strength occurs when using the iPhone 4 in a Defender Series case.

I can without a doubt confirm this to be true. While this case is currently not on Apple’s list of free case offerings, it may be worth holding out on ordering your free case for a week or two and see if it get’s added to the list. If my opinion matters at all, I would say that at 49.95 USD this case is a must have for an iPhone 4 user if there is any chance you may be taking it outside your house. To purchase your’s or see the other cases available from OtterBox head over to their store at

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