Salutations from TheCoolestGeek

Posted on 18. Jul, 2010 by in Tech News

Hello BerryScoopers, iPhoners, Androidians (yeah I just made that up ha!) and all other mobile tech enthusiast. I’m new the addition to the BerryScoop team and I’d like introduce myself to ya. First off I’ve been a techhead, gadget freak and aspiring digerati since I was a young lad. As I got older my passion for the tech spilled over into my professional career. I’ve worked directly and indirectly for more than a few well know mobile device manufactures and telco companies. No I’m not going to name names but, trust me there are products you’ve owned or own now that I’ve been apart of on some scale or another. I’ve always had an affinity for expressing my passion for technology to others and thus my interest in blogging began. Not long after I started dabbling in writing online, I soon realized being in the industry professionally doesn’t really allow for moonlight editorial pass time. I didn’t leave a prototype in a bar or anything like that but, lets just say I had to make a choice between career or hobby. Fortunately though my most recently employer decided to sell itself due some very bad marketing decisions and lack luster sales to some small computer company in Palo Alto, CA. It wasn’t hard for me to see that their acquisition would soon become my freedom. Now with a new career path, I’m able to make a living and do what I love_____<– insert fist pump here. I currently use an iPhone 4 as my primary device, so for the most part you can expect updates surrounding the iOS platform from me. I do own different devices with other platforms, so none of the fanboy talk and I will from time to time chime in on competing operating systems as well. That’s my story folks! I’m happy to be here and I look forward to growing BerryScoop through my contributions. Feel free to hit me up via email at or on Twitter @TheCoolestGeek. Peace!!

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3 Responses to “Salutations from TheCoolestGeek”

  1. kyle

    18. Jul, 2010

    welcome aboard man, lets keep the apple fanboism to a minimum :)

  2. TheCoolestGeek

    18. Jul, 2010

    @Kyle No promises. Haha!

  3. Obi

    18. Jul, 2010

    Good luck with that Kyle…