Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid X review

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The last time Verizon Wireless had a highly anticipated device wasn’t too long ago, and some would argue that the Motorola Droid X has surpassed the hype of the Droid Incredible by HTC.  We aren’t here to debate that.  We are here to give you our early thoughts on the latest Droid that does. Verizon graciously provided us with an early review device, continue reading on for my thoughts. 

Look/Feel-  The look and feel of the Droid X.. this is going to be the toughest part of this review.  If the Droid X was a standard 3.5″ run of the mill touchscreen device that consumers (me in particular) has grown accustom to this would be the easiest part.  I would pull out all the standard catch phrases and give you, the readers, and honest opinion.  Alas, the Droid X is not run of the mill.  The Droid X boasts the jumbo-tron of smartphone screens, at 4.3″.  The WVGA high res, 854×480 screen of course makes the device itself rather large.  So large in fact, I can’t make up my mind if this is a blessing or a curse. The screen when playing video and/or looking at pictures looks sharp and is one of the best on the market.  (In fact only one screen comes to mind that beats it, but again not what we are here for.) The body of the Droid X is thin for the majority of the body and then gets a little thicker as you get to the camera.

Camera- The Droid X packs an 8MP with auto-focus, 1/1000 second shutter speed, as well as touch to focus.  The 720p HD video camera has a three microphone setup to help with noise cancellation and directional audio.  Below is a picture taken with the iPhone 4 and a picture taken with the Droid X on a recent zoo trip I took.  I have my personal opinion on which picture looks better, although they are both pretty close.  The iPhone 4 picture was taken with the rear facing 5MP camera and the Droid X picture was taken with the camera being set on 8MP (it is customizable, and came from the factory set to 5MP).

iPhone 4 picture

Droid X pic

The HD quality video is what you would expect, clear and sharp.  The one issue is the HDMI port that is built into the phone.  I see the  thought behind having an easy way to attach the X to a TV or computer and play some videos you have taken with it.  But is there really going to be a huge consumer adoption of this?  I just don’t see it being used all that often.  Instead of taking up space with the hardware in the phone, why not put a front facing camera on it?  This would be a feature that people would actually use.  With Skype and Fring allowing for video chat, there is a market of people who want to video chat.

Battery-  The battery life on a device with a huge screen like this and a 1GHz processor is good enough to get you through one solid day of use.  Of course, any streaming or prolonged game playing is going to adjust that time considerably.  Expect to charge your phone nightly, if not at mid-day depending on usage.  It comes with the territory for this type of device.

OS- Even with a dumbed down version of MotoBlur you still get the same, almost cheap, feeling while using it.  I had enabled all of the MotoBlur features for social media when I first received the device, and deactivated them within 15 minutes.  The Blur portion still feels half cooked and thrown together. With Android 2.1 at launch and according to Verizon Android 2.2 with Adobe Flash Player later this summer the Droid X has all the same bells and whistles we have come to expect on Android and the hopes of gaining a ton of features very very soon.

Overall-  The Motorola Droid X is a great device.  I am not a fan of the screen size, and doubt I will ever full adjust to it.  MotoBlur needs to be stripped from the device and have stock Android 2.1 (2.2 soonish) on it.  It would make for a better user experience.  My last Android review of the Incredible touted it as the best device I had used to date.  While that still remains true, in the Android world at least, the Motorola Droid X comes in a close second and will make a lot of Android users happy.  You can pick one up on July 15th on Verizon Wireless for $199 after a MIR.

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22 Responses to “Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid X review”

  1. Bobo Speywack

    13. Jul, 2010

    The Droid X does NOT have a Snapdragon processor. It uses a 1ghz TI OMAP processor.

  2. Ryan

    13. Jul, 2010

    OK so here’s my story, and PLEASE don’t take this as griping. This is a big issue for me and I want to make sure I make a smart move here.

    I have had the iPhone 3GS and the 3G before that. I LOVE the iPhone 3GS – it does everything I need. I love how it incorporates my pictures from my Outlook contacts (I’m on Windows 7) and takes all my cover flow artwork from my mp3′s. I love the simplicity of email. I love the availability of apps. I love the sleekness and the feel of it. Sure, there are DEFINITE drawbacks, such as AT&T, proprietary dictatorship by Apple, need I say more… Anyway, I bought the iPhone 4 and returned it. It, frankly, SUCKS. WAY too many issues, and not just the “death grip.” It’s really, REALLY terrible. Really. Terrible. REALLY. So I went back to a new 3GS that I just bought from AT&T upon returning the 4. But I’m still just chapped at Jobs’ attitude and arrogance (the whole “non-issue” business, iron fist control, etc.) and want to really just ditch AT&T and Apple altogether. I’d like to move to Verizon and I love nearly everything about this phone…except Android, because I’m not really quite sure about it yet. The reason I say that is because I just last Friday dumped my 3GS and switched to Sprint for the HTC Evo. While I liked the Evo’s feel and what not, it definitely has battery issues, connectivity issues, and 4G is NO-where yet. But I was concerned about some other things:

    1) Outlook contact pictures didn’t sync right to my phone
    2) Didn’t like have to manually manipulate what “mode” you want the USB connectivity to function as – whether to transfer files, sync, or simply charge, etc.. I feel this should do this automatically.
    3) Album artwork didn’t come over for everything
    4) Push notification was not instant…required a fetch schedule of 15 minutes

    So, in short, I returned that too, and went back to the 3GS that I still have. Call me fickle. I just want what works for me. But after heavily reviewing the Droid X all across the web, I am truly jazzed about it. I want to say “screw Apple and Steve Jobs” and move on. Totally willing to pay the ETF with AT&T for this. If it means a switch to a more stable phone on a more stable network and not made by an UN-stable man, then triple-yay. I run a business and really appreciate push notification sending emails to my iPhone. I appreciate being able to pull up my contacts and see their pictures. I appreciate being able to see all the artwork from my iTunes and have the coverflow work correctly. It’s not all about aesthetics, believe me. I just want things to work as fluidly as they do for me on my iPhone 3GS. This is a bigger migration than I thought it would be: iOS4 (which is NOT better than the old iPhone operating systems, by the way) to Android. I appreciate the vast strides Google is making to surpass this behemoth of a bad apple, and to eradicate Jobs’ mental monopoly over his Applemmings and sheep. Google has helped me, in more ways than Apple has, to become more productive with my business; I support Google. I support FREE enterprise. :-)

    So…can anyone enlighten me on the following:

    1) Have you had problems syncing contact pictures to your Android device?
    2) Have you had problems with your album artwork syncing?
    3) Do you know if Android 2.2 Froyo has plans to make the USB connectivity a more universal functionality?
    4) Does anyone know if there is an iTunes-for-Android besides DoubleTwist or Songbird that will actually take all of my iTunes DRM files (including movies) and sync them flawlessly to my Droid X?
    5) Anyone know if Verizon will be able to support simultaneous 3G surf and talk soon? I can do this now on AT&T and while some may discredit it, it has come in handy on more than a few occasions.
    6) Is Froyo supposed to make the phone go even faster?
    7) Will the phone eventually support 4G, does anyone know? Or does it not have a radio or whatever in it for that?
    8) Does the phone do push notification of emails, or it only a 15-minute “fetch” type of download? There is a definite difference between instant push and scheduled fetch…and this is crucial for my business.

    Sorry for the long-winded post and the laundry list of questions. As this will be my first Droid, I’m VERY excited and I LOVE what I see. I might just name it C3PO, but I don’t want it always complaining that it needs an oil bath. :-)

    A trembling canyon jumper,

    • Karen W

      25. Jul, 2010

      I had problems syncing my pics-I actually copied and pasted them to the phone. I locked up the phone and had to do a total reboot. That was interesting however since Verizon has such great reps, I had no issue. I was a blackberry fan, I loved my tour and miss a lot of things it could do, i.e. I could assign specific ring tones to contacts. I did try the application from Google to do the same and all it did was lock up the phone so I uninstalled it. Since an upgrade is in the future, I’m not to tense about the battery life. I like the pic’s and video. I would recommend getting a Skinomi protector which works exactly like the screen protectors but covers the phone. It actually protects the phone but watch a YouTube video first. I got some good hints with it. The other is Seidio would get moving on the innocases. They have been under development for a while now. Blackberry is primarily used for business the Droid, Droid X and Incredible offer so much more.

  3. Andrew

    13. Jul, 2010

    The Droid X has a ARM processor, not a snapdragon.

  4. anthony p

    13. Jul, 2010

    snapdragon processor? Texas instruments OMAP buddy, cmon now.

  5. anthony p

    13. Jul, 2010

    do me the favor of taking two still images with the droid x and the iphone 4 then compare, you obviously took a moving shot with the droid x with one snap and boom, posted it, while i’m sure you tooke10 or more with the crapphone 4 to get it as still as possible. Theres no way the iphone camera is better than the droid x, period.

    • Jason Cipriani

      13. Jul, 2010

      Actually, one pic each. There was no bias in trying to make one picture look better then the other. Unless you were personally there you are only making assumptions

    • kyle

      13. Jul, 2010

      They look pretty similar to me, in fact i would possibly lean towards the droid X one so i dont know what bias you are seeing. Megapixels arent all that matter, android camera software hasnt been notoriously great. Improved yes but perfect no.

    • Jay

      16. Jul, 2010

      Why is there no way? Are you obsessed with megapixels as the only measure of digital camera quality? Maybe you should learn more about lens quality and other aspects in a digital camera before you make silly statements.

  6. KK

    13. Jul, 2010

    IPhone would actually be a great phone if you could actually use it as a phone.
    It is hilarious that AT&T is willing to ship you a ethernet enabled repeater for just (another) $150, to enable you to make /receive calls.

  7. archie

    13. Jul, 2010

    Ryan -

    I think that since both the HTC Evo and the Droid X run Android 2.1, you’ll probably have the same issues with the usb port and outlook syncing, etc.

    Android 2.2 may fix these problems, but as far as differences between the EVO and Droid X, there’s probably not much.

    Still, I’m going to ditch my iphone and pick up a Droid X come Thursday.

    • Ryan

      14. Jul, 2010


  8. Todd Tedrick

    13. Jul, 2010

    I been doin quite a bit of research before I commit to this phone, but the one thing I’m curious about is how much will the phone be just buying it out right because I just signed with verizon back when the motorola droid came out and by no means I know I’m not elgiable for a new phone just yet, but here the last couple weeks been having a lot of issues with my motorola droid, with the screen freezing up, dropping calls right after pushing the call button clicking directly on a contact that I’m texting n opening a diff. Person and still showing I’m sending it to who I want to till I hit send and back out n shows I just sent that message to the wrong person. So thinking either way I’m gunna drop my hard earned money regaurdless to see if its less buggy so please let me know if you know thanks!

  9. jroc869

    13. Jul, 2010


    Copy and past this post over on and I bet you will get all the info you need from posters there. Not only is it an Android based blog site but it is pretty much dedicated to moto droid phones so they will know every thing there is to know about the way moto’s UI works. The even had Sense UI overylayed on top of Android so its actually a totally different experience than a htc phone.

    • Ryan

      14. Jul, 2010

      Done – thanks!

  10. jroc869

    13. Jul, 2010


    Also go through some of the posts there and see what you actually have to look forward to by jumping to a more open OS.

  11. bobbyrob

    15. Jul, 2010

    Droid X: Big and ugly (especially the hump on the back), cheap-looking plastic case, no QWERTY keyboard, camera sucks (grainy photos)… size overkill and overpriced.

  12. Tom

    15. Jul, 2010

    I played with it today at a Verizon store and I was not impressed. It is a good device. I played with the iPhone yesterday and hands down the iPhone and the OS blows away Android and this X. So now I am stuck in Limbo. I don’t like this phone but I don’t like AT&T so I will just ride it out and hope iPhone comes out on Verizon.

    Oh another thing that irked me a LOT. When I spun the screen it only spun one way. The iPhone spins all ways with the screen. Maybe there is a setting to override this? I tried the other Android phones at VZW and they all did the same thing. I am thinking it is the OS and it has to be a setting somewhere?

  13. Denver

    21. Jul, 2010

    for some reason every one in here is having problems with the htc evo 4g and i don tunderstand it. my evo is lighting fast i have all my contact pics and all my album art other than the battery life of this phone it runs perfect and i honestly feel there is not a better phone out to this day.

  14. jordan

    21. Jul, 2010

    I had the apple Iphone 3g, 3gs and then the Iphone 4. Towards the end of the 3gs I started to drop tons of calls and AT&T would give me credits every month, like $70 here, $60 there and so on. I wanted the Iphone 4 bad, so i got the 32gb one on the first day, it came out knowing about the antenna issues, but I disregarded them. I bought into the whole apple thing. I have a Macbook pro which I won’t knock it’s great. I pay about $150.00 a month for my service with AT&T and with the Iphone4 I started dropping calls like crazy. I must’ve called AT&T everyday about how terrible there service is, so I got more credits and then finally had enough and went out and was one of the first in the verizon store for the DROID X the day it came out. I did a lot of research on the DROID X and I will tell you that I love this phone. I brought back my iphone 4 and got a full refund from bestbuy. I found an app called isyncr for mac and they have on for a pc. This app transfers your itunes music only to your new DROID X, not all music will transfer, because of copyright issues, but I got most of my music onto my DROID and I am very happy, who needs Steve Jobs, he could take his iphone and stick where the sun don’t shine. I highly recommend the DROID X, you won’t be sorry plus hopefully by the end of the summer, when android 2.2 with adobe flash 10.1 comes out for the DROID X the phone with be 100 times better, then it is now.

  15. Richard

    22. Jul, 2010

    Verizon will have the I Phone in January. Att will proably have to fold thier tent. I had ATT fo 10 years and I wouldn’t buy a tin can and a string from these guys. A month ago I bought my first droid and gae away my blackberry. I love the Droid but struggled with the tiny key board. The day the Droid X came out on the 30th day that I had my Droid. So I called Verizon and excercised my 30 day return policy and they are drop shipping the Droid X to my home. Then I make the swap for $35 restocking fee and $50 for the increased cost of the new phone. I will post after I get it they are shipping July 23, 2010