Your Poor iPhone 4 Reception Issues Is This Guys Fault!

Posted on 08. Jul, 2010 by in Tech News

I figured it out folks! I know who’s to blame for your bad iPhone 4 reception issues. Blame the the guy pictured above! Not Steve Jobs. Not AT&T for it’s network. It’s this random AT&T testing engineer’s fault. Okay, okay… So maybe it’s not this poor guys fault but, this screen shot might be a clue to how the iPhone 4 was field tested and thus why the highly reported “dealth grip” problem wasn’t spotted prior to the Jesus phone hitting retail shelves. This video is from AT&T’s YouTube channel ShareATT and was posted not to long ago as an insight to how Big Blue test their Android handsets. Considering Android devices and iPhones aren’t much different in terms of making phone calls, I’d imagine they’re field tested similarly. As you can clearly see at 2:57 into the video, the HTC Aria is suspended in the air by some sort of car mount and not held by hand. Of course I could be 100% wrong in my assumption and I’m sure I’ll get an email response from an AT&T representative telling me so not long after this post goes up. For now though this is the only logically piece of evidence of why the iPhone 4 antenna flaw slipped passed the geniuses over at AT&T and Apple. Irony really sets in right around the 3:22 spot of the video.

Note: I’m a proud owner of the iPhone 4 and have yet to be affected by the so called “death grip”.

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6 Responses to “Your Poor iPhone 4 Reception Issues Is This Guys Fault!”

  1. Freddy Martinez

    08. Jul, 2010

    No, blame all the people that knew iPhones had horrible reception and bought them. Go get Verizon and stop complaining.

    • alex

      09. Jul, 2010

      you sound stupid no one wants that glitchy android software, plus cdma is dying technology bud..get ur head out of ur ass

  2. David Malka

    08. Jul, 2010

    Been using iPhone 4 as well since day one and have not been affected with the loss of signal :)

  3. TheCoolestGeek

    08. Jul, 2010

    Yeah I love my iPhone 4. Granted if it does go to a different carrier I’d switch but, I haven’t seen my reception affect by how I hold it yet. I’ll consider myself lucky.

  4. Fjord Prefect

    09. Jul, 2010

    I was about to upgrade from my 3G to the 4 , but I’ve heard so much stuff about this reception issue. To the two posters who haven’t had an issue with reception: have you tried recreating the “death-grip” demonstrated on all the youtube videos? I’m just wondering for myself. If this turns out to be a reception issue that’s hit or miss, I’ll take the chance and get an iPhone 4 anyway – I can always return it later. But if it’s an issue where it happens to everybody, every time, I don’t want to risk it. Still, I’d really love to get one as my 3G is getting a bit long in the tooth and I’d really miss the huge eco-system that goes along with the iPhone if I decided to get an Android or Blackberry. I mean, I can buy a replacement case for my iPhone at any gas station or an extra sync cable from my local drug store or a screen protector from just about anybody. Wherever you go, your iPhone is supported and catered to. I don’t think many other smart-phones have that going for them.

  5. lol

    09. Jul, 2010

    poor Freddy has version. does wittle fueddy have a little iPhone clone. pretty sad that you went out of your way to read a iPhone post and comment. jealous much? douch