Blackberry Bold 9650 Giveaway-Last chance to enter!

Posted on 24. Aug, 2010 by in Giveaways

That’s right folks! The wait is almost over. Back in July we ran a contest giving you the chance to win a Brand New Blackberry Bold 9650. Our goal was simple..reach 500 comments on the post or 1295 followers on Twitter. Well we made it!! We’re currently at 1374 followers on Twitter, but to make it fair for everyone, we will give you until tomorrow Wednesday 11:59 PM EST to enter this contest and get a chance to win it. Rules are still the same…you follow us on Twitter or leave a comment here and we will include you in the draw. To all of you that have already left a comment and/or are following us, no need to enter again, you’re already entered in the contest. So there we go…you got about 24 hours to try and win this Blackberry Bold 9650.

Once the contest is over, we will compile all the entries (comments/Twitter) and assign them a random number and use to pick a winner.

Winner will be announced Friday, August 27th 2010.

Good Luck to all!!

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45 Responses to “Blackberry Bold 9650 Giveaway-Last chance to enter!”

  1. JFeco

    24. Aug, 2010

    Hey! thanks a lot for this chance to win this amazing BlackBerry device. im in.

    • melissa

      23. Sep, 2010

      i would love to win this cool phone! i hope i win but i doubt it : ( my parents won’t let me have it but noone has no idea how extatic i would be if i could have a blackberry :D its the best phone in the world!! all my friends have it and say its great!

  2. jepika lattimore

    24. Aug, 2010

    I’m sooooo in need of a new “Berry! I hope I win!

  3. Gail S

    24. Aug, 2010

    What a wonderful contest. I would love to win this Blackberry. Would use it everyday!

    Gamermom007 at yahoo dot ca

    Mystee007 on twitter

  4. phil

    24. Aug, 2010

    i wanna win one i need a new bb mine broke

  5. Theo

    24. Aug, 2010

    @teo876 already follows u on twitter, but i commented on the FB post not sure if that counts, so this is my official comment. “gr8 fone, gr8 site, GR8 CONTEST!”. hope i win

  6. Khalid

    24. Aug, 2010

    Oh, I need this phone! I wanna win!

  7. Nyz_rj

    24. Aug, 2010

    I want to win plzz

  8. Jared

    24. Aug, 2010

    I would be so excited to win this awesome phone!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!

  9. thebrownguy

    24. Aug, 2010

    oh man i hope i win. my storm just bit the dust last week and i’m rockin a razr for the time being. worst! please pick me!

  10. rabbi

    24. Aug, 2010

    Dovid malka. Hmm probably a heimisher

  11. jeremy campos

    24. Aug, 2010

    I will win, I know it!

  12. rynequin

    24. Aug, 2010

    I’m still using a curve 8310. it’s almost prehistoric! I need this phone!

  13. Tashanna

    24. Aug, 2010

    Fingers crossed

  14. Joshua Smith

    24. Aug, 2010

    I love the 9650!

  15. tonette fernandez

    24. Aug, 2010

    wow! this is a major contest, i wanna win!!! i needed this phone replacement of my 9630…

    good luck everyone!

  16. Alex

    24. Aug, 2010

    Hope I win

  17. Ryan

    25. Aug, 2010

    I. Need. This. Phone. Make it happen. It’s the right thing to do. :)

  18. that_maynard

    25. Aug, 2010

    Heck ya, keep up the great work!

  19. Steve moulson

    25. Aug, 2010

    Love my Blackberrry I think everyone should have one,got to enter the prize draw for a chane to win a Blackberry for then other half.

  20. bonny

    25. Aug, 2010

    In desperate need of new bb, please let me win & goodluck to others

  21. ally

    25. Aug, 2010

    love to win this

  22. x_p1l

    25. Aug, 2010

    9650 wow it would be great to have one in Indonesia

  23. MrAlakija

    25. Aug, 2010

    I have a good feeling about this, for some reason i think this is gonna be mine.

  24. Pablo

    25. Aug, 2010

    Thankyou for the Bold contest.

    I hope to get a chance to win.

    Thanks again.

  25. Nick Miko

    25. Aug, 2010

    This is the perfect BlackBerry for me. I would love to try one out.

  26. Curtis Corcoran

    25. Aug, 2010

    Count me in on this :)

  27. omar Salazar @ctr14

    25. Aug, 2010

    Would be nice to win a BB 9650 pick me @ctr14 twitter

  28. sbmd

    25. Aug, 2010

    Oh man this would be great for a friend who is still rockin a 8330!! Please let me win I will give it to him and I would even record his reaction when receiveing it to show you.

  29. Deborah Curran

    25. Aug, 2010

    I really need a new blackberry – I have yhe pearl and it doesn’t have wi – fi making it useless for me in my house. Can you please help – thanks – ps I’ll trade you ,,,

  30. AuntIrma

    25. Aug, 2010

    Why am I always the last one to hear about these contests!?

    COUNT ME IN!!! (Get me away from my Storm 1!)

  31. ubersurfer

    25. Aug, 2010

    No, AuntIrma, I’M always the last one to hear about these contests!

    COUNT ME IN, TOO!!! (I also have a Storm 1!)

  32. Deamus

    26. Aug, 2010

    I love the 9650! it is like a better 9000

  33. Johnoy

    26. Aug, 2010

    I can’t Explain How much i would want this phone..i have neva owned an expensive phone ever….i’ve researched on it and the features are mind-blowing,its a nice phone..i would be so thankful if i win this phone…love it!!!

  34. Maureen

    27. Aug, 2010

    I would love to win this and thanks for the opportunity.

  35. Maureen

    27. Aug, 2010

    Forgot to mention-follow you on twitter as @msmorev

  36. remy

    28. Aug, 2010

    pick me nowwww lol

  37. joshua

    28. Aug, 2010

    come on i need it

  38. Matthew

    30. Aug, 2010

    Count me in! This baby looks sick!!

  39. Brionna

    31. Aug, 2010

    I really want a Blackberry Bold because I have always wanted a blackberry but have never really had the money to get one. I have a friend and she is this little spoiled girl that gets whatever she wants and she had gotten every single version of the blackberry, and she always rubs it in my face, and it makes me so mad. So this time i want to have a nice phone for once and be apart of #teamblackberry on twitter. SO PLEEEEEASE PICK ME TO WIN THE PHONE ! thiss would mean so much to me !

  40. CherylBravo

    31. Aug, 2010

    I wanna win!

  41. Alice

    09. Sep, 2010

    im a mum of 2 and i make sure i put them first so for me to buy a new phone is hard and to buy a phone like what i’d like like the blackberry its inposible i would love to have a blackberry thay are a verry nice phone and. Its somthing nice for me and somthing id be verry happy to have an sumthing ill never be able to aford on my own iv wonted a blackberry for a while now and love to be in this contest to win one. thank you for the opertunity…… i would soo love to win!!

  42. Rebecca

    09. Sep, 2010

    are you having anymore contests to with a blackberry? cause im just DYING for one ! more than anyone in the whole world ! :)

  43. Rebecca

    09. Sep, 2010

    oh and i have an extremely cheap crappy hpone that shuts off and freezes every 2 seconds so i need a new phone but switching is expensive ! :(

  44. MentorLog

    14. Sep, 2010

    Am I eligible still .. Following you on twitter.