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Video-Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlock by

Posted on 18. Nov, 2010 by .

0 posted on their YouTube a video showing the unlock process of a Blackberry Bold 9780. Process is pretty much the same as all previous Blackberrys except for the new OS6 Menu slight changes. All that is requires is the Network MEP or Service Provider MEP (depending on the provider your phone is from). The unlock code are 8 or 16 digits and are unique to each phone.

You can visit to unlock your Blackberry by code.

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T-Mobile HTC HD7 Unlocked by

Posted on 07. Nov, 2010 by .


That was fast! 1 day prior to launch and they do it again. just posted a video on their YouTube account showing how easy and simple it is to unlock the HTC HD7 phone by code. Once unlocked it will work with any GSM provider worldwide. This means you can pick an HD7 and use with AT&T, Rogers, Fido, Vodafone etc.. once unlocked. Process is very simple as we can see in the video. Once you get the unlock code, you simply need to power the phone with a non-allowed SIM and the phone will prompt you for the code.

If you’re picking up an HD7 and want to get it unlocked visit HTC HD7 Unlock page.

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Unlock Blackberry Bold 9780 Remotely by Code Success!

Posted on 01. Nov, 2010 by .


Yes that’s right! The Blackberry Bold 9780 is expected to be released by T-Mobile November 17th, 2010 and wow, already completed a successful unlock today.

The process is the same as all previous Blackberrys. The MEP Unlock Code is based on the IMEI. The only info required in order for them to get your unlock code is your Blackberry’s Provider/IMEI. also tells us that regardless of the provider your Blackberry 9780 is from, they are still able to unlock it. That’s great news! Let us know as soon as you get your Bold 9780 and what you like most about it.

We might try and get our sponsors to send us a unit to give away..that would be awesome!

Make sure to hit up to get your Blackberry Bold 9780 unlocked TODAY!

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