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Apple Case Program In Effect Now

Posted on 26. Jul, 2010 by .


Just as Steve Jobs promised at the July 16th press conference. Apple has initiated their free case program for the iPhone 4. All iPhone 4 users can head right over to apple.com and get the details or more conveniently download the Case Program app from the App Store directly to the iPhone and make their […]

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Your Poor iPhone 4 Reception Issues Is This Guys Fault!

Posted on 08. Jul, 2010 by .


I figured it out folks! I know who’s to blame for your bad iPhone 4 reception issues. Blame the the guy pictured above! Not Steve Jobs. Not AT&T for it’s network. It’s this random AT&T testing engineer’s fault. Okay, okay… So maybe it’s not this poor guys fault but, this screen shot might be a […]

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