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Skype iOS 4 Update-Receive Calls & IM in background

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by .


Things keep getting better for Skype/iPhone users. Skype released a new version today of their iPhone app which enables you to multitask. What’s next? Video Chat?

Version 2.1

  • Run Skype in the background with multitasking in iOS4. Receive Skype calls and IM while other apps are running or when your iPhone is locked.You can also continue your call while you switch to another application.
  • You can update for your App Store Update or Click Here to download to iTunes.

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    iPhone 4 Delayed. Again

    Posted on 16. Jun, 2010 by .


    I think that this will officially go down as the worst Apple device launch to date. First Gizmodo scooped Apple by getting their hands on an iPhone 4 weeks before the official launch. That in itself is bad enough for the guys in Cupertino, but to top it off on the day the iPhone 4 […]

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